Jentry and Lindsie are the proud owners of Flying B Sheepadoodles located in Bartlesville, OK.


Why Sheepadoodles? - Sheepadoodles are the best for their loyalty, athleticism, intelligence, goofy personalities, love for children, and little to no shedding.

What sets Flying B Sheepadoodles above other Sheepadoodle Breeders?

The genuine love , affection, and care for each puppy. The puppies are born in Jentry and Lindsie's Bedroom with all the devotion and attention a human baby would receive. Each puppy is handled multiple times a day, children are invited to visit and hold puppies beginning at four weeks old, and simple puppy manners are addressed. Puppy weight is recorded daily for optimal health and growth. The mother of each litter is fed only the most nutritious diet including Young Living and PawTree Supplements to ensure maximum health is achieved for each puppy while nursing. "We do it for the sheer love of nurturing and raising quality pups we are proud to link our names with. The time we devote to each puppy is a direct reflection of the quality puppy we breed for each Forever Family; our goal is not to be the best, but to provide each family with the best Sheepadoodle Puppy we are capable of breeding. We view our puppies with gratitude for this opportunity we believe is a gift from God." - Lindsie

Flying B Sheepadoodles are sent home with CKC Registration Papers, Health Records, Young Living Samples and information Brochure, PawTree Samples - Treats and Seasoning Blends, - a PawTree Toy (always Latex Free), and a soft fuzzy towel that smells like the puppy's litter-mates and mother. Puppies are raised with Puppy Culture during their eight week stay at Flying B Sheepadoodles.

Flying B Sheepadoodles' commitment to their puppies and their puppies' Forever Families: "We will only have one litter at a time to ensure each puppy receives the love, attention, and training needed during the first eight weeks of his life, we ensure daily love and affection providing socialization with all ages, and each puppy will be sent home fat and healthy with our Health Guarantee."

Puppies are raised in the home with a high dosage of love, attention, children, nutrition, early training, muscle development, and Grandmommy's Country Outdoors.

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Sheepadoodle Must Knows

Hypoallergenic & Shedding:

Some Sheepadoodle sites will tell you Sheepadoodles are 80% Hypoallergenic. Poodles are Hypoallergenic and Old English Sheepdogs shed "seasonally" - AKC Website. Flying B Sheepadoodles' shed little to none. Because Sheepadoodles are part Poodle and part OES, their hair never stops growing and is oh so soft.



Constant maintenance and daily hair brushing is required. If weekly or bi-weekly dog grooming cannot be worked into your budget, get ready, you're about to become your own professional dog groomer - if that's not an option, you're looking at the wrong breed.


Sheepadoodles are the best dogs because they possess the intensity of the Poodle and the goofiness of the Old English Sheepdog. It's been said Poodles are the most intelligent of the dog breed with Old English Sheepdogs being the runner-up.

Overall, Flying B Sheepadoodles are extremely intelligent, athletic, playful, energetic, and goofy.  They tend to have energy when warranted, but calm down quickly and are content to lounge around all day if necessary.

Their goofiness is apparent everyday from pouncing and prancing to using their paws like hands to get attention.


It is imperative to feed your puppy nutritious food (most human and animal health issues can be traced back to the contents of their diet). Spending more money on quality food is highly recommended for the health and longevity of your new family member.

Flying B Sheppadoodles uses and highly recommends pawTree (all natural and holistic food and supplements). Please, checkout our detailed description on our "Nutrition" Tab or click the pawTree Button to visit our website.


Get out and exercise with your new puppy daily. Until your new family member is 6 months old, avoid running long distances as this could disrupt the healthy growing process of your puppy's bone development, however, you get a green light for walks! During freezing months, grab a Tennis Ball and play fetch inside.

Listen to your puppy, when his little body has had enough he'll quit playing and need a quick nap.

While your puppy is growing (up to two years old), use a harness instead of a collar to help protect the neck development.


This puppy is your new family member, treat him like your child and you'll love the results. Let your new puppy help you slow down and enjoy life a bit more. Get down on his level and enjoy playing, giving a rub down, or brushing that soft hair out. On beautiful days, watch your puppy enjoy the great outdoors while on a walk, drive, or picnic.


Obtaining guidance while training your puppy is imperative; not only is it a great learning experience for you, but it's a great way for your puppy to learn how to socialize with other dogs. If you have children, involve them in the training experience (this will enhance the bonding between every member of the family and firmly establish who the "alpha" members are).

Jan Fennel's "The Dog Listener" is an excellent Training Method that has been used successfully with several Flying B Sheepadoodles by Flying B Sheepadoodles.

Check out Flying B Sheepadoodles' YouTube Training Videos to get a head start toward your Obedience Class.



Flying B Sheepadoodles possesses Breeding Rights for all their Breeding Dams and Sires.

All FBS Dams and Sires are Health Tested by EMBARK and hips tested by OFA or PennHIP.




Razzyl is an AKC Registered Red Royal Poodle, meaning she is larger than a Standard Poodle.  She weighs 65lbs and stands 27 inches tall at the shoulder.

Razzyl is extremely intelligent, loving, protective, and graceful. She is absolutely gorgeous, receives compliments wherever she goes, and always prances. Razzyl is a water addict; loving lakes, ponds, kiddie pools, and large water dishes. She is a cuddly lover who enjoys sticking close to her people and investigating little people and their antics.

Razzyl will produce Giant Sheepadoodle Puppies.

- Family Tree -

Razzyl's Dam and Sire are pure-bred, AKC Registered, Red Royal Poodles from Colorado Red Royal Poodles.

Health Test Results:

PennHIP: Right DI = 0.25, Left DI = 0.26

"SUMMARY: The degree of laxity (Dl = 0.26) ranks the hip within the tightest 5% of Dls for the breed. This amount of hip laxity places the hip at a minimal risk to develop hip OA. No radiographic evidence of OA for either hip." - PennHIP Results



OFA CAER (Companion Animal Eye Registry): Normal/Clear.



EMBARK Genetic Health Test:

Clear of 8 Breed Relative Genetic Conditions.

Clear of 173 Additional Genetic Conditions.




Gydjet is a gorgeous Standard Parti Poodle standing 26” tall at the shoulder and weighing 70 pounds. She lives up to her name daily by being an adorable Tom Boy, making friends with everyone (humans and dogs), lazing around, and always ready to run and play. Gydjet loves attention, being cuddled, and romping. She will be bred to Kriby’s “Porthos” and is expected to produce large Standard and Giant Sheepadoodles that are either Black and White, Black-Silvering and White, or Black, Silver, and White.

- Family Tree -

Gydjet's Dam and Sire are pure-bred, ACK Registered, Standard Poodles.

Gydjet has been PennHip Tested and DNA Genetic Tested

EMBARK Genetic Health Test:

Clear of 8 Breed Relative Genetic Conditions.

Clear of 173 Additional Genetic Conditions.




RubiKate is a beautiful Standard Parti Poodle standing 21” tall at the shoulder and weighing 30 pounds. Rubi is very loyal and protective of her family; she is quick, adored by all, so super sweet, packs a huge bark, travel size, and a good listener. Rubi loves playing fetch, lounging around wherever her people are, cuddling, and playing with her four-legged friends.

Rubi's puppies will be small Standard Sheepadoodles (not GIANT).

The sire to Rubi's puppies is Bear - an F1b Merle Moyen Sheepadoodle - of Utah Goldendoodles

- Family Tree -

RubiKate's Dam and Sire are pure-bred, ACK Registered, Standard Poodles.

RubiKate has been PennHip Tested and DNA Genetic Tested

EMBARK Genetic Health Test:

Clear of 8 Breed Relative Genetic Conditions.

Clear of 173 Additional Genetic Conditions.


Utah Goldendoodles

Utah Goldendoodles is a superberb breeding program that has truly been a pleasure for Flying B Sheepadoodles to work with; their thoroughness, insights, and quality have exceeded the expectations of FBS.


Bear is Utah Goldendoodles' F1b Merle Moyen Sheepadoodle. He is 42 pounds, clear of all genetic disorders, and carries red, as well as, merle coat colors. Bear is an experienced stud who has produced healthy litters. Flying B Sheepadoodles will pair Bear with RubiKate to produce F1bb small Standard Sheepadoodles.


Kirby's Sheepies

Kirby's Sheepies is dedicated to breeding Old English Sheepdog excellence. Tara has two Old English Sheepdog males who are absolutely gorgeous; her Royal Croft Jack Skye and Royal Croft Porthos were both imported from Europe, have both been competed in the show ring, and are both proven studs. Visit Tara's Facebook Page for darling pictures and information.

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Royal Croft Jack Skye

Skye was imported from Europe! He weighs 80lbs and has the typical OES square stocky build. His personality is serious but friendly, he is very well mannered, and will sound the alarm upon first meeting a stranger. Skye has been competed in the show ring and is only five points from being Champion! He has his CHIC Certificate from the OFA, meaning he has met the requirements set forth by the OFA for health excellence. His breeder says he is "amazing".

Health Test Results:

PennHIP: Right DI = 0.20, Left DI = 0.18

"SUMMARY: The degree of laxity (Dl = 0.20) ranks the hip within the tightest 5% of Dls for the breed. This amount of hip laxity places the hip at a minimal risk to develop hip OA. No radiographic evidence of OA for either hip." - PennHIP Results



EMBARK Genetic Health Test:



OFA CAER (Companion Animal Eye Registry): Normal/Clear.



Thyroid: Normal





EIC: Clear

Mdr1: Clear

DM: Clear

Royal Croft Porthos


Porthos was imported from Belgium! He has Champion Bloodlines including several brothers and sisters. Porthos is a tall boy who weighs 85lbs and has a well-balanced build. He has long legs and curly hair; he is a big bouncy goofball who is ready to make new friends and has the absolute best personality.

Health Test Results:

PennHIP: Right DI = 0.18, Left DI = 0.21

"SUMMARY: The degree of laxity (Dl = 0.21) ranks the hip within the tightest 5% of Dls for the breed. This amount of hip laxity places the hip at a minimal risk to develop hip OA. No radiographic evidence of OA for either hip." - PennHIP Results



EMBARK Genetic Health Result:



OFA CAER (Companion Animal Eye Registry): Pending.

 Thyroid: Normal