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Researching and finding the best dog food for your Fur Family Member is a daunting task.


Flying B Sheepadoodles (FBS) has put the time and energy into their research including the opinions of the American Kennel Club (AKC), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), other reputable breeders, multiple Veterinarians, Veterinarian Nutritionist, and more. One of the key elements when choosing food is understanding the Ingredient List.


Most dog food is full of artificial fillers and ingredients pet's bodies are unable to digest properly causing flatulents, large stools, over-eating, allergy reactions, skin and hair problems, low-energy, joint pain, etc. 


FBS finally found an all natural and holistic dog food company whose products have been developed by Veterinarians and Veterinary Nutritionists, pawTree. FBS has now had puppies raised on generic/vet recommended puppy food and pawTree. Our puppies raised on pawTree are larger, healthier, have shinier coats, and are more content. Our Dam sheds less during and after each litter, maintains a healthy weight, her lactation quantity remains stable, and she maintains a better energy level while being nurtured with pawTree.

A quality puppy food must have:

  • a minimum of 25% Crude Protein

  • be specifically made for Large Breeds

  • no by-products

  • no corn

  • no soy

  • no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.


If you want your fluffy puppy to retain his bright eyes and shiny coat, maintain a high standard for your chosen puppy food. PawTree’s Chicken and Oatmeal Recipe has:

  • 30% Crude Protein

  • is made with REAL meat

  • no poultry by-products

  • no corn

  • no wheat

  • no soy

  • no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives

  • it is developed by Veterinarians and Animal Nutritionists, and made in the USA (which doesn’t affect your puppy, but keeps our economy primed and pumping).

FBS highly recommends and encourages feeding pawTree and offers a THREE YEAR HEALTH GUARANTEE to FBS families who feed strictly pawTree (that's a two year extension!). With just as much intensity, FBS encourages each family conduct their own research resulting in their own educated decision.

Follow the link below to begin researching pawTree! Feel free to use the Contact Page to quiz Flying B Sheepadoodles further on the subject of Nutrition!

N - FBS pawTree Link


Current research is leaning toward postponing required vaccines until puppies are 20 Weeks Old, according to FBS' veterinarian, because they put such a strain on each puppy's little body and immune system. Flying B Sheepadoodles has seen the negative repercussions of early vaccinations in several puppies resulting in much pain, swelling, oozing, irritations, and hair loss. Because of their firsthand experience, FBS has decided to postpone vaccinations - with the agreement and approval from their veterinarian - for their puppies to allow each puppy's body to mature and stabilize.

Flying B Sheepadoodles' will administer the first round of vaccinations for their puppies at 7.5 Weeks Old (unless the Buyer requests another option).

All Puppy Vaccines should be spaced a minimum of 4 WEEKS APART.


Titer Testing

A wonderful alternative to Annual Vaccines is "Titer" Testing. This process can be done through your local veterinarian or via mail. The test requires 2cc's of blood from your puppy/dog (if mailing the blood sample, 4cc's is required) The lab tests the antibodies in your puppy's blood and send you a positive or negative result. If your puppy tests positive for adequate immunity, no vaccines are required. However, if your puppy tests negative for adequate immunity vaccines or nosodes (the natural and extremely effective alternative) are required.

There are many benefits to Titer Testing:

  • No risk of over vaccinating

  • No risk of negative reactions to vaccines

  • Increase the health of your fur-baby by limiting vaccinations

  • Save Money

  • Most experts believe strong titers are a more reliable indication of immunity than vaccinations: tests show the actual immune response, not just the attempt to cause an immune response by vaccinating. 

Titer Testing


FBS Holistic Veterinarian recommends:

  • Strictly Nobivac Vaccines,

  • Absolutely NO topical medication (dewormer or medicated flea and tick), (all natural topical flea and tick spray - pawTree - is safe for people and pets)

  • ONLY oral medication (dewormer/flea and tick medication).

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