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Adopting A Sheepadoodle

Becoming a Forever Home is one of the most exciting things you'll ever do. Make sure you're up to the commitment (puppies are just like kids and should be given the time and love a child would receive from you) and know what you're getting into (read the "must-knows" section on the "About" Page).


1. Do your research: find a quality breeder who will love your new family member until you can take over, know what you're committing to, be 100% sure this is the breed you want.

2. Choose a breeder, contact your breeder, submit your deposit (and application if applicable) and lock your name on that Waitlist!

If your choice breeder has a Contract (like Flying B Sheepadoodles), complete the form, sign it, and submit.

3. Get prepared. You're going to need everything:

  • Puppy Food (Flying B Sheepadoodles' uses and highly recommends pawTree)

  • Puppy Harness and Leash - It's imperative that you use a harness to protect the neck bones and joints while your puppy is growing.

  • Puppy Toys

  • Kennel

  • Towels

  • Dog bed

  • Food and Water Bowls

  • A plan for Potty Training 

  • Hair Rake

  • Puppy Shampoo and Conditioner

  • Etc. (this list can literally go on forever depending on you).

4. Prepare to love, pamper, and spoil your new family member like nobodies business. Treat him as you treat your favorite child and he will adore you for life. 

5. Now, you wait...seemingly FOREVER.

Upcoming Litter
Waitlst Now OPEN
Application Docmet 2023

Upcoming Litters

Flying B Sheepadoodles sells Indoor Family Pets only. The "Application Document" (below) must be signed and returned to Flying B Sheepadoodles stating your puppy will be Spayed/Neutered between 6 and 9 Months Old. No exceptions.

Flying B Sheepadoodles does their best to ensure accurate projected dates, however, there is always the possibility nature will intervene. Therefore, no pregnancy is guaranteed and all dates are subject to a bit of fudging.

Flying B Sheepadoodles reserves the right to keep any "pick-of-the-litter".

An average of ten puppies are born in a Flying B Sheepadoodles litter. 

  • Flying B Sheepadoodles will open each waitlist as pregnancy is confirmed.

  • Application Documents will be accepted at any time.

  • Deposits will not be due until pregnancy is confirmed.  

  • Contact Flying B Sheepadoodles for more information.

How to begin:


1. Complete and submit Flying B Sheepadoodles' "Application Document 2023":

2. Upon pregnancy confirmation, submit your $350.00 deposit via:

  • Mail with a Cashier's Check/Money Order (email or text (918)214-6736 for a mailing address). The next available position on the desired waitlist will be reserved for 7 days from verbal reservation date.


3. Contact Flying B Sheepadoodles to confirm receipt of your "Application Document 2023" and deposit.

4. Stay tuned for Litter Updates!

Additional Information:

  • Deposit - $350.00 (non-refundable after application approval and upon receipt of deposit)

    • This will secure your name on the Waitlist you specify in the next available spot.

  • Total Fee - $3,500.00 (including the deposit).

    • Excluding the deposit, the remaining fee is due when your puppy is selected on the "Puppy Pick" Date (6 Weeks Old) specified for that litter (Cash, Cashier's Check, Money Order, PayPal (4% increase), or Venmo (1.9% increase).

  • "Pick-of-the-Litter" Total - $3,700.00

    • $200.00 (added to the total fee - due with the deposit) a reservation for "Pick-of-the-Litter" (#1 Position) will be ensured. Limited availability.

  • "2nd Pick-of-the-Litter" Total - $3,600.00

    • $100.00 (added to the total fee - due with the deposit) a reservation for the #2 Position will be ensured. Limited availability.

  • Shipping within the U.S. - $600 - Puppy will be shipped via Commercial Airline "cargo".

    • If you plan to travel via Commercial Airlines to pick your puppy up, Flying B Sheepadoodles charges $35.00 for the soft crate required by airlines to travel with your puppy as a carry-on (stowed under your seat). Flying B Sheepadoodles likes this method.

    • Flying B Sheepadoodles does not recommend Cargo Shipping your puppy.

  • Veteran Discount - $200 Veteran Discount with government issued proof of service. Thank you for sacrificing for our freedom!

  • First Responders Discount - $200 First Responder Discount with government issued proof of service. Thank you for serving faithfully!

  • Return Customer Discount - $200

  • Multiple Puppy Purchase (from one litter) Discount - $200

  • Extended Stay - Puppies will be ready to go to their Forever Homes at 8 Weeks Old. Extended boarding for your puppy is available for an additional fee:

    • 8-9 Weeks Old - $20/day.

    • 9+ Weeks Old - $40/day.

    • If puppies are due to go home during the week, the Extended Stay charges will be waved through the following weekend. If you are local (within 1.5 hours), Flying B Sheepadoodles will require you to pick your puppy up on the scheduled go home date or be charged the Extended Stay Fee from 8 Weeks Old.

Additional Information

Guardian Homes

    Flying B Sheepadoodles has created the Guardian Home Program to be a blessing for all involved. Flying B Sheepadoodles' hope is to bless a family with a very special and carefully selected future Flying B Sheepadoodles’ Dam or Sire. This puppy or dog will be blessed with a loving Forever Home while Flying B Sheepadoodles will be blessed knowing their future Dams and Sires have loving families for life. Flying B Sheepadoodles carefully interviews each family who is interested in becoming a Guardian Home as these puppies and dogs are the future of their high quality program. If you are interested in becoming a Guardian Parent, please 

read on for further information regarding what is expected from the Guardian Families.


Q: Why Does Flying B Sheepadoodles Have a Guardian Program?

A: As a small family breeder, this is Flying B Sheepadoodles' way of ensuring all their breeding dogs receive the best family life, socialization, training, and spoiling from early on. It is very important to them that each dog is in a fun, loving, and healthy home environment.


Q: What Is Expected of Flying B Sheepadoodles’ Guardian Families?

A: Flying B Sheepadoodles’ Guardian Families are responsible for providing a safe and loving home life, training, providing pawTree Food and Supplements, required vaccines by FBS and veterinary checkups, PawTree's Flea and Tick Spray, minimum monthly grooming, and all regular pet expenses (not related to breeding). A Guardian Family agrees to meet or bring the dog for health and hip testing at the appropriate age, during times of breeding, and when whelping puppies. Flying B Sheepadoodles covers all breeding related expenses. Dams will be retired as early as 6 Years of Age. If providing a home for a female, Flying B Sheepadoodles will need her during times of breeding (7-14 days) and during the duration of whelping and nursing puppies (6-10 Weeks). Flying B Sheepadoodles will breed Guardian Home Dams up to 5 Years (once yearly from 2 Years Old). If providing a home for a male, Flying B Sheepadoodles will need him for about a week at a time, frequency will be discussed individually.


Q: What Breeds and Ages are Available?

A: Flying B Sheepadoodles may have puppies and young adult Poodles, Old English Sheepdogs, and Sheepadoodles.


Q: Who Can Become a Guardian Parent?

A: Flying B Sheepadoodles carefully interviews each family who is interested in Flying B Sheepadoodles’ Guardian Program. Flying B Sheepadoodles’ desire is for each Dam and Sire to have a loving home (indoor family pets only), receive proper training and socialization, appropriate grooming, and feed PawTree Food. High standards of pet care for our parent dogs is the first step toward happy, healthy, fantabulous puppies. Flying B Sheepadoodles has an interview process that includes a home visit to ensure a safe environment and a secure and fenced backyard. Flying B Sheepadoodles requests the information from your current veterinarian and to be listed as the Emergency Contact. They require a signed contract between the Guardian Family and Flying B Sheepadooodles on file. Flying B Sheepadoodles reserves the right to remove a puppy or dog from a Guardian Home if the conditions agreed to in the Guardian Home Contract are not met.


    Flying B Sheepadoodles maintains a list of potential Guardian Families and the desires of each family to receive the puppy or dog that best suits their needs. 


How it works:

(1) Complete the Guardian Home Application and return it to Flying B Sheepadoodles.




(2) Upon Application Approval, Flying B Sheepadoodles will schedule an in-home visit and interview with the potential Guardian Home Family.

(3) If approved, the Guardian Family will be introduced to available puppies OR placed on the Guardian Home Waitlist.

(4) The approved Guardian Family will need to complete the Guardian Home Contract and return it to Flying B Sheepadoodles.

Q & A

Guardian Homes
Guardian Home Q&A
Guardian Home Application
Guardian Home Contract
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