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About "Diana"

Diana is a Standard Size, Multi-Generation, female Sheepadoodle with astounding color and markings. She adores children, is comfortable with other dogs of all sizes and ages (needs a warm-up period), is inquisitive, loves cuddles, and is easy to: bathe, trim with clippers, brush, trim her claws, and tolerates scissors. She is treat and praise motivated, has been Puppy Culture Raised, and knows: sit, lay down, up, down, and out. Diana doesn’t mind her harness and does exceptionally well on the leash for a puppy (she does NOT know “heel” yet). She has not had an accident inside in several weeks (no carpet or rugs present).


Born: 10/6/2022

Standard Size - 22”-25” tall at the shoulder and 45-55 lbs. 

White with Red Mismarks

Standard Multigenerational Sheepadoodle

Dam: Rubi (Poodle) of Flying B Sheepadoodles

Sire: Bear (Sheepadoodle) of Utah Goldendoodles


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