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Now $2,500

About "Diana"

Diana is a Standard Size, Multi-Generation, female Sheepadoodle with astounding color and markings. She adores children, is comfortable with other dogs of all sizes and ages (needs a warm-up period), is inquisitive, loves cuddles, and is easy to: bathe, trim with clippers, brush, trim her claws, and tolerates scissors. She is treat and praise motivated, has been Puppy Culture Raised, and knows: sit, lay down, up, down, and out. Diana despises her collar but doesn’t mind her harness and does exceptionally well on the leash for a puppy (she does NOT know “heel” yet). She has not had an accident inside in several weeks (no carpet or rugs present).


Born: 10/6/2022

Standard Size - 22”-25” tall at the shoulder and 45-55 lbs. 

White with Red Mismarks

Standard Multigenerational Sheepadoodle

Dam: Rubi (Poodle) of Flying B Sheepadoodles

Sire: Bear (Sheepadoodle) of Utah Goldendoodles

Adoption Fee: Now $2,500.00


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Classic Litter
Now $2,500

A stunning litter of first generation (F1) Giant Sheepadoodles born to Razzyl and Huck on March 7, 2023. Expected adult weight is 70-100lbs. Genetic health, hips, and temperaments are EXCELLENT! Please, visit the "Adopting" page for more information.

Excellent Genetics Include:

Excellent Genetic Health

Excellent Genetic Temperaments

Excellent Genetic Personalities

Excellent Genetic Intelligence

Excellent Genetic Size (GIANT 65 - 100 lbs./27”-30” tall at the shoulders) 


Potential For:

Service Dog

Therapy Dog

Family Dog

Emotional Support Dog

Hiking Companion

Adventure Companion

Camping Companion

Water Activity Companion

Travel Companion


Daisy - female


Daisy was the runt of her litter and has suffered becoming the most precious and coddled puppy as a result. She is adventurous, often completing a challenge or daring the new experience before her littermates. Daisy expects long cuddles and frequent naps (the more luxurious the better). She is continuing with her Puppy Culture Sensory Training, is crate trained, litter box trained, and knows: sit, lay down, and up.

Expected Adult Weight: 60 - 75 lbs.

Adoption Fee: Now $2,500.00

Dottie - female


Dottie is the most inquisitive puppy from her litter; she can’t do anything without satisfying her curiosity. She adores cuddling and receiving a good rub down. Dottie is praise motivated while treats are only sufficient motivation under the right conditions. She is crate trained, litter box trained, Puppy Culture Sensory Trained, and she knows: sit, lay down, and up. Dottie does excellent with children of all ages.

Expected Adult Weight: 75 - 90 lbs.

Adoption Fee: Now $2,500.00

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